Pictures of Barack Obama's Victory Celebrations [PHOTOS]

It's celebration time for Barack Obama supporters as he is set for a second term as the president of the United States after being re-elected on Tuesday by defeating Republican rival Mitt Romney in a tight fight. Nov 7, 2012

Devastating Pictures of Hurricane Sandy; Death Toll Climbs to 35 [PHOTOS]

Tuesday will be remembered by millions of people as the darkest day of their lives as they woke up to a day without electricity after Hurricane Sandy slammed into the eastern United States, flooding the New York's subway system, submerging Manhattan streets and cutting off power. The death toll has climbed to 35 according reports. Oct 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Could Paralyse Lives of Millions of People [PHOTOS]

Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of the U.S. on Monday forcing trasnportation, business establishments, educational institutions and stock market to shut down and thousands of people escape to the higher grounds as more devastating storm is expected on Monday evening. Oct 29, 2012