BJP confident of winning all seats from Bihar in general elections

New Delhi/ Patna, Dec 25 (ANI): The BJP on Tuesday said that they are confident of winning all the 40 Lok Sabha seats from Bihar in the 2014 general elections. A BJP leader, Girija Singh said he is sure that the political career of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, will soon come to end because of BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. Dec 25, 2013

Awami League in Bangladesh condemns Pakistans stand on Mollas execution

Dhaka, Dec 25 (ANI): Supporters of Bangladesh ruling Awami League party protested against Pakistan condemning the nation’s stand on execution of war criminal Abdul Quader Mollah. Jamaat leader Abdul Quader Mollah was hanged on December 12, the first war crimes execution in Bangladesh. He was accused of collaborating with Pakistani forces during 1971 Liberation War, who were eventually defeated with India's help. Dec 25, 2013

Christians revel in festive spirit across India, attend special midnight mass for Christmas

Kolkata /Mumbai /Bangalore /Chennai, Dec 25 (ANI): Christians across various cities in India reveled in festive spirit as they sang carols in decked up churches while attending special midnight mass prayers on the Christmas Eve. In Kolkata, devotees gathered to attend the special mass and sang carols to celebrate the Christmas spirit. A large number of people gathered at the San Thome Church in Chennai and participated in the Christmas celebrations with fervour. Dec 25, 2013

S.Sudan leader: key town of Bor recaptured from rebels

South Sudanese President Salva Kiir annouced Tuesday the important and strategic recapture of the key town of Bor after a nearly week-long rebel occupation, although large areas remain out of his government's control. Duration: 0:46 Dec 25, 2013

Hungary turns to black market for a smoke

Several months after the Hungarian government shut almost 90 percent of the country's licensed cigarette vendors in a bid to dissuade people from smoking, the black market for cigarettes has surged. Duration: 01:59 Dec 24, 2013

Freed Pussy Riot punk rockers reunite in Siberia

Two members of anti-Kremlin punk band Pussy Riot embraced each other Tuesday as they reunited in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, a day after they walked out of separate prisons under a Russian amnesty. Duration: 00:32 Dec 24, 2013

2013: The year CAR spiralled towards civil war

2013 has seen Central African Republic descend into a spiral of violence, first as northern rebels staged a coup to oust the president, then more recently as sectarian attacks saw 1,000 lose their lives. Duration: 02:31 Dec 24, 2013

National Student federations vent anger against the misrule of government

Muzaffarabad, Dec 24: Problems in Pakistan occupied Kashmir are never ending. Ever since the deadly earthquake occurred in 2005, they have only compounded and progress has come to a grinding halt, leaders make hollow promises but do little to fulfill them. National student federation took out massive protest against the government misrule. Dec 24, 2013