BSF in Jammu and Kashmir
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After a jawan from 29 battalion Seema Suraksha Bal released a video saying that the soldiers live in deplorable conditions, the Border Security Force responded with how Constable Tej Bahadur had a "difficult past." The video has garnered 5,759,065 views.  

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"Welfare of our Security Forces absolute priority. Any anomaly to be dealt with firmly," said MoS Home Kiren Rijiju on Tuesday. 

MDS Mann, DIG BSF said, "He has four bad entries in 20 yrs of service, hence, didn't get promoted which can be cause of frustration. If any of his allegations are found true we will certainly initiate action against the defaulters."

"It is a sensitive matter for us, we will probe the whole matter and take actions accordingly: IG BSF, DK Upadhyay on BSF Jawan's video. I can agree that taste of the food might not be very great but have never received any complaint from jawans regarding the same. Agree that taste isn't good because in winters there is tinned&dehydrated food but jawans don't complain. Can't command on the allegations as yet, enquiry has been ordered.If any lapses found strict action will be taken. He indulged in indisciplinary actions,was to be court-martialed in 2010;considering his family he wasn't dismissed," IG BSF, DK Upadhyay, on Jawan's video. "DIG level officers who have visited the camp in past have never received any complaint regarding allegations levelled in the video." 

"Constable Tej Bahadur Yadav as an individual has a difficult past. From initial days of his career, he needed regular counselling. He was habitual offender of absenteeism without permission, chronic alcoholism, misbehaving with superior officers. For such reasons, individual has served mostly in headquarters under supervision of some dedicated superior officer. Leaving apart the background of individual, a DIG rank officer has reached location to investigate the circumstances alleged in videos," the BSF said. 

Earlier Home Minister Rajnath Singh said, "Seen a video regarding a BSF jawan's plight. I have asked the home secretary to immediately seek a report from the BSF and take appropriate action." 

Meanwhile, the BSF tweeted, "BSF is highly sensitive to the welfare of tps.Individual aberrations,if any,are enquired into.A senior officer has already rchd the location." 

On Tuesday, Cricketer Virender Sehwag and other sportsmen also tweeted in support of BSF jawans.  

Yadav in his video posted on Facebook, which has since gone viral, seeks help from the Centre for survival. He talks about how soldiers are made to stand for hours in all kinds of weather or temperature and receive ill treatment from seniors. 

"Neither the media, nor any minister tries to take a note on how are we going through this (harsh weather). Our conditions are still worst. (humare halat wahi darbartar hain). After this, I will send three videos that will show how our officials are mistreating us. We do not want to blame any government, because they give everything we need, but our senior officials sell everything (for their own profit)," the jawans can be seen saying.

He posted three videos with shots of runny dal and dried chappatis with him adding that there are times when a soldier goes to sleep empty stomach. 

"I will show you that we get only one paratha in the breakfast that too without any curry, or pickle. We get it (stuffed chapatti) only with a cup of tea. In afternoon, I'll show you how we get 'daal' in afternoon, its only turmeric and salt and nothing else, I will also show you the condition of chapattis," Yadav said.

However, he doesn't  blame the government since he repeatedly adds that the Centre was sending supplies, which was being sold in the market and asked for a probe in the situation. 

"I request honourable Prime Minister also to look into the matter. Friends, I may not live once I upload this video, as my officials have high approach. Kindly share the video as much as possible so that every media organisation come here and investigate and also witness how soldiers are living," he said.