Where are Nou Now: Justin Bieber infiltrates Barcelona to play Neymar and Rafinha

Barcelona stars Neymar and Rafinha welcomed singing heartthrob Justin Bieber onto the training pitch for a few shots at goal on 21 November. Bieber has been a fan of football from an early age and showed some skills shooting at goal. Bieber is on a world tour and has shows in Barcelona on 22 November and Madrid on 23 November. 11 days ago

17 people killed in 56 vehicle pile-up in China

At least 17 people have been killed in a multi-vehicle pile-up in north Chinas Shanxi Province on Monday (21 November). Heavy fog, rain and snow are thought to have caused the accident, but a full investigation is now underway. 11 days ago

Donald Trump says Nigel Farage should be UK’s US ambassador, causes outrage

On 21 November, US President-elect Donald Trump tweeted that Nigel Farage, leader of the controversial UK Independence Party, should be UK’s ambassador to the US.A firm supporter of Trump, Farage said he was flattered by the tweet in a phone call to BBC Breakfast, calling it “a bolt from the blue”. But according to Downing Street: “There is no vacancy. 11 days ago