EU referendum: Unions ready to join fight to stay in Europe

Britains trade unions are close to joining the push to keep the country in the European Union, bringing grass-roots muscle to a fight that has so far been dominated by big business and bankers, the head of the countrys largest union group said. Unions will fight to stay in, emphasising jobs and workers rights, Frances OGrady, general secretary of the Trades Union Congress, said in an interview. Voters were not yet listening to the arguments because the campaign to date has had little to do with their everyday lives, she said. Jan 27, 2016

US eases air travel and export financing sanctions on Cuba

The United States announced changes to its sanctions on Cuba, lifting export payment and financing restrictions and facilitating airline travel in Washingtons latest move to ease the US embargo on the island. The amendments, which take effect on 27 January, will remove restrictions on payment and financing terms for authorized exports and re-exports to Cuba of items other than agricultural items or commodities, according to a statement from the Treasury and Commerce Departments. Jan 27, 2016