How the mega supermoon had people transfixed all over the world

On 14 November, a mega supermoon appeared in the night sky closer to Earth than it has been at any point in the last 68 years. This close time frame has not been witnessed since 1948 and it won’t happen again until 25 November, 2034. Heres how the rising 2016 supermoon appeared in various places around the world. 23 days ago

Scientists mission to find the oldest ice on Earth

A British Antarctic Survey team of scientists is leaving for the ice in East Antarctica to try to find the oldest ice on Earth. They will drill a core of ice three kilometres deep at two different sites. The ice contains ancient air bubbles that were trapped 1.5million years ago. Measuring the composition of air in these bubbles will give scientists a picture of the ancient atmosphere and climate. 23 days ago

Donald Trump climate change policy catastrophic says French environment minister

Following President-elect Donald Trumps election-campaign threats that the United States will end its involvement in global climate change programmes, Frances environment minister Ségolène Royal has said this would be absolutely catastrophic and would weaken America. However, she expressed the hope that Trump may not follow through on his campaign promise to an electorate that has not understood that global warming is a reality. 25 days ago

John Kerry: We will try to implement Paris climate deal before Trump assumes office

During a visit to New Zealand US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke about the future of climate change politics.People worldwide are fearful after President-elect Donald Trump said the US will quit the Paris Agreement.Kerry said the Obama administration would try to implement a global agreement against climate change before Trump takes office. 24 days ago

Witnesses of New Zealand Earthquake: It was horrible

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake has caused widespread damage in New Zealand. People evacuated their homes on the South Islands east coast, after the quake generated a tsunami.The epicentre was inland, 57 miles north-east of Christchurch.In 2011, a 6.3 earthquake killed 185 people on the South Island. The number of causalities from todays earthquake have not been confirmed. 24 days ago

Severe flooding kills at least one in South Africa

At least one person is said to have died when severe flooding hit areas of Johannesburg, South Africa, on 9 November. The suburban ares of Edenvale and Bedfordview were worst affected wth 150 cars damaged on major roads. The video shows flood waters gushing down the street partially submerging a car. 27 days ago

New Delhi grapples with worst smog in 17 years

New Delhi is dealing with serious levels of smog this winter, especially since Diwali celebrations on 30 October. The official data shows that the haze that has covered the Indian capital in the past one week is the worst in nearly 20 years. It has forced the city government to go for several desperate measures, including shutting down schools for three days. It is also considering bringing back the odd-even car rationing scheme in an attempt to bring down the pollution levels. 29 days ago