Japanese government releases devastating earthquake simulations for predicted disasters

Japans Cabinet Office Disaster Management team released two videos showing the predicted damage of two earthquakes that scientists say are expected anytime soon. The first earthquake hitting Tokyo would kill an estimated 23,000 people and destroy 610,000 homes, whilst the second would trigger an tsunami killing nearly 25,000 people. The report predicts that there is a 70% chance in the next 30 years that the region is hit by a magnitude 9 earthquake. 5 days ago

Alan Duncan gives his crazy impression of Boris Johnson

Alan Duncan gives his best Boris Johnson impression as part of a BBC documentary on Brexit. The documentary was given exclusive access behind the scenes of the Vote Leave and Remain camps. Duncan, MP for Rutland and Melton and foreign minister, gave his impression of Johnson on the morning of the Brexit vote, indicating Johnson didnt know what to do after the vote, 11 days ago

Torrential rain causes mudslides and flooding chaos in China

Three hundred people in China had to be evacuated from their homes after torrential rain caused widespread flooding and a number of roads were forced to close due to mudslides. The bad weather, which began on Tuesday all over Chinas south-west Yunnan Province and continued until yesterday, saw floodwater reach a height of 70cm on some local roads, authorities say. Five emergency rescue groups were sent to the worst afflicted areas after a local river burst its banks and flooded 200 homes along with 500 hectares of farmland. 11 days ago