Al Gore calls Donald Trump meeting ‘extremely interesting’

Former US Vice-president Al Gore, a prominent climate activist, met with President-elect Donald Trump on 5 December.Trump has called man-made climate change a hoax while Gore is one of the best known crusaders in the fight against it. During the 2016 US presidential election Gore said Trump’s polices would ‘take us toward a climate catastrophe’. After the meeting, Gore called it ‘extremely interesting’. After the election on 22 November, Trump said that he had an ‘open mind’ on the Paris Agreement on climate change - in stark contrast to what he said on his election campaign. 4 hours ago

How to make a sugar snake

The MEL Chemistry boxes let you experiment with simple chemical reactions.The sets are meant to excite children about chemistry.Using a pile of sugar and baking soda, children can create a burning sugar snake.Having mixed baking soda (NaHCO3 ) and sugar to a ratio of 4:1, the powder can then be set alight using solid fuel.The snake starts to grow and, in some cases, can get up to 50cm long. 8 days ago

Video shows the breakup of Pine Island Glacier

In 2015, a 225-square-mile iceberg broke off of the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica, and researchers at The Ohio State University have discovered that the event was no ordinary breakup. The culprit: a deep subsurface rift that cracked through the ice nearly 20 miles inland – a sign that the largest ice reserve in the world may be melting sooner rather than later. 8 days ago