Donald Trump Muslim immigration ban proposal adds fuel to the fire of Islamophobic attacks in Florida

The number of Islamophobic attacks and incidents in Florida have risen since Donald Trump proposed a temporary ban on Muslims entering the US, according to the Islamic Center of Orlando. Fatima Ait Rami, the outreach director of the centre, said there has been an increase in incidents since Trump made his comments in December 2015. Most recently, a mosque in Fort Pierce, which Pulse nightclub gunman Omar Mateen was thought to have attended, was set on fire in a suspected arson attack. Sep 20, 2016

Tommy Robinson angry at police action following f**k Isis England flag controversy

EXCLUSIVE: The former EDL leader has criticised police actions after his proposed ban from attending England football matches was rejected on 19 September. Robinson had been labelled a catalyst for violence and disorder by the UK Football Policing Unit after being seen holding an England flag with the words f**k Isis printed on the front. Sep 19, 2016

Manhattan explosion caught on CCTV

The footage shows the moment of the blast, captured by cameras at Orangetheory Fitness, a local gym on the street. The blast injured at least 29 people and police are saying that the cause of the blast was unknown, but based on initial information they had ruled out international terrorism and natural gas. Sep 19, 2016