Oil Prices Spike to $63, Investors Confident of Prices Staying at $60 Level

Brent crude prices increased 2 percent to $63 on Monday as investors believed that prices would remain around $60 for the rest of the year. News of the spike comes right after Saudi Arabia defended its decision to not impose any cuts on oil production and said they would stick to it. Dec 22, 2014

Market Expert welcomes step as SEBI bars 260 entities for money laundering & tax evasion

New Delhi, Dec 20 (ANI): Market Expert Sunil Shah on Saturday welcomed the step as The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) banned 260 entities, including two companies, their promoters, brokers and a clutch of investors, from accessing the securities markets. The SEBI has accused them of misusing the stock exchanges to generate long-term capital gains of around Rs 485 crore, thus converting unaccounted cash into legitimate money. While SEBI would further probe these cases, it has also decided to refer the matter to the Income Tax Department, Enforcement Directorate, Financial Intelligence Unit, among other agencies, for necessary actions on their part. Shah said that this will make Indian market more transparent and trust worthy. Dec 20, 2014