Anarchists protest against tourist invasion in Spain

An anti-tourism campaign in Spain hopes to discourage tourists from visiting the country. Masked men of the leftist youth movement Arran Jovent slashed tires of a tourist bus in Barcelona. In another stunt, several protesters climbed yachts in Mallorca and threw confetti at tourists in a restaurant. The group called the protests not vandalism, but self-defence. They said locals are driven out of tourist hot spots and suffer from terrible living conditions. A demonstration is planned in San Sebastian on August 17 by another left-wing group. Aug 5, 2017

Is Neymars world record £450m PSG deal dead?

Barcelona soccer player Neymar arrived at the teams training ground on August 2 to tell his team mates there that he is moving to French team Paris St Germain, according to media reports. Neymar has agreed to a five-year deal with Paris Saint-Germain, where he will earn a staggering £515,000-a-week. Aug 3, 2017