Germany fans finally get to celebrate in Rio

Rio de Janeiro, July 1 (ANI): It was a tense time for Germany fans in the FIFA Fan Fest on Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana beach. Far from it being a picnic on the beach while die Mannschaft sailed easily into the quarter-finals, it looked at times as if the German fans might be leaving with their heads in their hands. Germany had only their superior fitness and world-class goalkeeper Manuel Neuer to thank for scraping past Algeria 2-1 in extra time to move into the World Cup quarter-finals after doing almost everything wrong over 90 minutes. Jul 1, 2014
Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez Ban: Uruguayan Apologises for Biting Chiellini

Uruguay striker Luis Suarez has publically apologised to Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini, following the "bite incident," which resulted in his nine-match international suspension as well as a four-month ban from all football-related activities by FiFA. Jul 1, 2014

FIFA will not comment on Uruguay president remarks

FIFA had "no comment" to make on media reports that Uruguay's President Jose Mujica called the football association's leaders "sons of bitches" for banning star striker Luis Suarez over his infamous World Cup bite. Duration: 00:35 Jul 1, 2014

Clermont's woman coach Diacre takes to field

Corinne Diacre held her first press conference as coach for Clermont football team, taking over from the short-lived tenure of Helena Costa as the first woman in charge of a men’s professional team in a leading European nation. Duration: 01:25 Jun 30, 2014