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Helium spotted in a comet like exoplanet for the first time

The planet is so close to its host star that the atmosphere is getting ripped off and pushed out, making it look like a comet with a long tail of gases pointing away from the star and it has helium in an excited state, making it possible to spot in the IR wavelength. May 3, 2018
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Jupiter moon Ganymede's environment unique: NASA probe

NASA's Galileo spacecraft spent eight years orbiting Jupiter. During that time, the hearty spacecraft sent back spates of discoveries on the gas giant's moons, including the observation of a magnetic environment around Ganymede that was distinct from Jupiter's own magnetic field. May 2, 2018
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Scientists find new way to produce hydrogen fuel from sunlight

The hydrogen can then be used as a fuel, with the potential to power everyday items such as homes and vehicles. Hydrogen is considered to be a promising alternative fuel source that is clean -- its only by-product is water -- and is capable of replacing fossil fuels. Apr 29, 2018
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Scientists in shock as NASA junks first-ever robotic mission to Moon

NASA pulled the plug on Resource Prospector that aimed to be the first mining expedition on another world. NASA issued a statement, saying that "some of the instruments from the Resource Prospector mission would be used in other missions that would land on the moon later". Apr 28, 2018