sikh parade

Thousands throng New York for annual Sikh Day Parade

The members of the Sikh community thronged in numbers at Madison Avenue in Manhattan on April 28 to celebrate the Sikh culture and also spread awareness about the hate crimes committed against them in the US. Apr 29, 2018
modi jinping

Xi Jinping lauds Bollywood, wants more movies to be screened in China

Chinese president Xi Jinping remarked that he wants more Indian movies to be screened in his home country and vice-versa. During the informal summit with Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, Jinping was also seen enjoying an instrumental rendition of a Bollywood song from the 1980s. Apr 29, 2018
Kim Jong un meets Moon Jae-in

North Korean media celebrates historic Kim-Moon summit

Photos of the meet between the two leaders showed Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in holding hands, the moment when the North Korean leader crossed over to the South, and the symbolic tree planting ceremony, among others. Apr 28, 2018