Chad forces moving on Boko Haram positions

Rare footage from the border between Cameroon and Nigeria shows Chadian forces on the move towards positions in Nigeria occupied by Islamist group Boko Haram. Duration: 00:40 Feb 7, 2015

Malaysia, Indonesia to seek resolution of sea disputes

The leaders of Malaysia and Indonesia pledge renewed efforts to resolve stubborn disputes over maritime borders that have long nagged at one of Southeast Asia's most important bilateral relationships. Duration: 00:32 Feb 7, 2015

Floods in Peru leave 15 dead

Drivers in northern Peru caught up in a mudslide run for shelter, after the region was gripped by torrential rain and flooding this week. At least 15 people have died. In addition to the destruction Feb 7, 2015

Brazilian woman thanks her lucky bra after shooting

Ivete Medeiros says she's lucky to be alive after getting struck by a stray bullet during a robbery in Belem, Brazil. Her saving grace? Her bra. (SOUNDBITE) (Portuguese) IVETE MEDEIROS SAYING: "I Feb 7, 2015

Joe Biden says US and Europe "have to stand with Ukraine"

The United States and Europe must stand together over Ukraine as it battles for survival in the face of escalating Russian military involvement, Vice President Joe Biden said during a visit to Brussels on Friday. Duration: 00:40 Feb 6, 2015