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Brick industry prospering as workers from different faiths work together

Midnapur, Jan 06 (ANI): Midnapur, located in India's eastern state of West Bengal is known for many small and big business development. One of them being the brick industry... Owned by a Muslim, the industry employs large number of labours belonging to different communities, who work together, presenting the ethos of harmony and brotherhood. The brick industry, as a means of livelihood, for both Hindus and Muslims has helped them to live together in an atmosphere of peace and harmony. Without any religious intolerance, both the communities are working hard to expand their business to earn a better living. Jan 6, 2015
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Religious barriers fade as Hindus lend hand in making Tazia for Muslim brothers

Gorakhpur, Jan 06 (ANI): India is known for its diversity that is marked by harmonious relations between people of different communities. And examples of this ethos can be found throughout the country. One such example comes from Gorakhpur, where a Hindu, Puran Kumar makes Tazias for Muslims, who use it during processions of Islamic festivities. The Tazia maker believes that through his work he is able send out a message of brotherhood and harmony between different communities. The joint participation of people in important events of different communities is an example of interfaith harmony that exists in the country. A Tazia is a replica of the tomb of Imam Hussain that is carried in processions during Muharram. Jan 6, 2015
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Old regime security chief to be named as Tunisia PM

A top security official of ousted dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali is to be named as prime minister designate following Tunisia's first free presidential and parliamentary elections, his party said Monday. Duration: 00:39 Jan 5, 2015