Raul Castro hosts the Obamas at state dinner in Havana

Cuban President Raul Castro greeted President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama to Havanas Palace of the Revolution on 21 March, for a state dinner to honour the American leader on his visit to the island. Mar 22, 2016

Donald Trump: US and Israel have unbreakable friendship

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump vowed an unbreakable US alliance with Israel if he is elected president in November, seeking to clear up confusion over his repeated pledges to remain neutral in any peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. Trump called himself a life-long supporter and true friend of Israel, as he addressed the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a powerful pro-Israel lobbying group. Mar 22, 2016

Qatar considering tented desert camps for 2022 World Cup fans

Qatar may house thousands of football fans in Bedouin-style tents in desert areas close to stadiums during the 2022 World Cup, as tumbling oil prices have forced the tiny Gulf state to delay projects, including building hotels. Most of the expected 500,000 fans are expected to stay in hotels and apartments but contrary to Qatars World Cup bid in 2010, when it said it would create more than 55,000 rooms, authorities said in January that 46,000 rooms would be ready. Mar 22, 2016