Celestial kingdom
YouTube: mavi777

Conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Mavi777' has uploaded an eerie video which shows strange visuals appearing in the skies of China. In the video, spectators were seen gazing at the skies out of sheer surprise after the visual of a possibly celestial kingdom showed up from heaven.

After uploading the video, Mavi777 strongly argues that China is becoming home to several bizarre sky sightings.

"In recent years, strange appearances have been reported in the skies around the world, and one of the countries where there seems to have been a greater number of spectacular sightings is China. Indeed, in different localities of this Asian country, citizens registered a phenomenon that has terrified everyone. It is about strange shadows in the sky that were baptized as the ghost towns," wrote the conspiracy theory channel in the video description.

As the video went viral, conspiracy theorists started claiming that parallel universe is a reality. As per these theorists, these visuals often appear in the skies when interdimensional portals which connect two universes open up.

Some other people claim that these mysterious shapes which appear in the skies are an evidence of 'Project Blue Beam', the secret project carried out by the elites to create New World Order. As per these theorists, the elites are going to stage an alien invasion soon which will help them to gain complete dominance on the planet.

A new hypothesis regarding these strange sightings is connected to the CERN. People who propagate this hypothesis believe that mysterious experiments are being carried out at the LHC particle accelerator at the CERN centre in Geneva, Switzerland. According to this hypothesis, scientists at the CERN have been shooting the particle accelerator to spot black holes which may lead them to a different world.

People who believe in the CERN conspiracy theory claim that the increased number of mysterious sightings all across the skies is an indication that we are seeing a glimpse of parallel universe.

However, skeptics dismiss all these bizarre claims, and they make it clear that these weird sightings are mere mirages which are undoubtedly natural.