Hong Kongs first rabbit cafe finds itself in licensing trouble

Ricky Lam has opened Hong Kongs first rabbit cafe Rabbitland. However as well as fears over the safety and welfare of the bunnys the cafe has found itself in some licensing trouble after it was revealed that they dont have a licence to sell food. A spokesperson for the department told the South China Morning Post that the cafe is not covered by any valid food licence and that they had started proceedings against the proprietor. The maximum penalty for operating without a licence is HK$50,000 (£4,900) and six months in prison. Aug 30, 2016

Brazilian protesters clash with police as Dilma Rousseff impeachment trial starts to conclude

Brazilians protesting the impeachment of President Rousseff clashed with police as they started fires in the street, with military police responding by firing tear gas. Suspended President Dilma Rousseff is on trial for impeachment for allegedly breaking budgetary rules, a charge she denies. She claims Brazils economic elite and political opposition have being trying to topple her government since her re-election in 2014. Aug 30, 2016