The Emirates Airbus A380 which landed at the John F Kennedy International Airport was quarantined by the CDC after several passengers fell ill on board the flight from Dubai to New York. 

Erin Sykes, who was on board the flight, recorded an American officer tell the travellers to stay in their seats, to clear the aisles and remove their bags which were hindering the path. 

There were 520 people on board including the rapper Vanilla Ice who recorded the ambulances and CDC authorities waiting for the flight doors to open. 

While reports state that 100 people were taken ill, Emirates has confirmed that only 10 people were ill and are being treated. According to CBS, Emirates has told the American that they suspect food poisoning. However, passengers fell that it could be a virus which spread during the flight. 


"Even well before the flight when we were in line getting on board (in Dubai), there were people that were obviously very sick that should not have been allowed to get on board in the first place," said passenger Erin Sykes.

Reports say that some of the passengers who had taken ill spent time in Mecca where there is a flu going around.  

The CDC let the passengers who did not show the symptoms to carry on with their travel. The CDC advised them to have a check-up if they showed any symptoms. 

The passengers who transported to the hospital were tested and the results are expected on Thursday.