Former UK sport anti-doping director not surprised by latest allegations

A British anti-doping consultant said on 3 April she is disappointed but not surprised at newspaper allegations concerning a London doctor. Michele Verroken, a former director of ethics and anti-doping at UK Sport, was reacting to a Sunday Times report that the doctor prescribed banned performance-enhancing drugs to leading sports people. The government has ordered an inquiry into the way the allegations were handled by Britains anti-doping agency, which said they fell outside of its jurisdiction. Apr 4, 2016

Chihuahua leads police on chase across San Francisco Bay Bridge

The California Highway Patrol took part in a high-speed pursuit on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco on 2 April, but the suspect was of the four-legged variety. Police caught up with an escaped Chihuahua on the bridge in the morning, which was captured on video. Apr 4, 2016