Karnataka budget 2018: CM Kumaraswamy likely to announce loan waiver package

The new Karnataka budget will focus on farm loan waivers, which has been an important part of the JD(S) campaign. The proposed write-off will be in addition to a similar waiver the previous Congress government declared in June for over 22-lakh farmers who borrowed crop loans up to Rs 50,000 each from the cooperative banks. Jul 5, 2018
Google celebrates Hubert Cecil Booth's 147th birthday

Vacuum cleaner inventor Hubert gets a Google Doodle homage on July 4

For Fourth of July celebration, Google chose to acknowledge the 147th birth anniversary of an English engineer Hubert Cecil Booth, not something related to American independence. Booth has designed factories, suspension bridges, and Ferris wheels but noted for inventing the first powered vacuum cleaner. Jul 4, 2018