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The flip side: Who gives the MLA wholesale rights to decide on prostitutes' morality?

Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA Surendra Singh should know that if prostitutes are bad indeed, they are, at least, not worse than bad politicians and bad bureaucrats. Prostitutes are as much a part of society as politicians and bureaucrats are. Some are good, some are bad. Nothing more, nothing less. Singh just represents the d**k-headed strain of male chauvinism and utter misogyny. Jun 6, 2018
Howrah Bridge

Kolkata second-most polluted city in India: WHO

The City of Joy has earned the infamy of being the lung cancer capital of India. Pollution levels in Kolkata saw a rapid increase during 2017-18 due to a steady increase in biomass burning and the number of vehicles, among other factors. Jun 6, 2018