Fifteen years ago, a Brazilian councilman wrote a bill to clear his wife's sexual debt, declared a holiday to observe one day each year as Orgasm Day. The idea was to initiate a conversation about human intimacies; a topic that doesn't even get the dignity of being brushed under the carpet and straightway gets buried in the earth for profanity.

His idea, though, struck a chord with a few other countries who decided to practice a similar observance, albeit on different days of the year. Eventually, many countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, and Canada agreed to observe July 31 each year as World Orgasm Day.

However, the only way India, the second most populated country in the world gets any kind of 'gasm' is through food 'gasm'.

Since nobody is celebrating the 'O'gasm anywhere soon here, IB Times India has compiled some weird orgasm stories to keep the momentum going.

1. Nars cosmetics to release 'orgasm' NFTs by three female artists

July 31 is observed as World Orgasm Day
Nars Cosmetics

On July 31, French company Nars cosmetics will reveal its first collection of NFTs (Non-fungible token) by artists Nina Kraviz, Sara Shakeel, and Azéde Jean-Pierre. This will be done in partnership with Truesy—an arousing array of artwork inspired by Nars' Orgasm makeup—the iconic, peachy-pink shade that started a global sensation.

2. Malawi man who died of extreme orgasm

They say too much of everything is bad and that, likely holds true for orgasm too. Earlier in January this year, a man from the East African country of Malawi passed away due to a condition described as extreme orgasm. As reported by The Sun, a 35-year-old man died after engaging in sexual intercourse with a sex worker and the postmortem listed "extreme orgasm" as the cause of death. According to the investigation report, the extreme orgasm allegedly caused brain vessels in his brain to rupture, leading to his death.

3. Research study that hints at sneezing issues post-orgasm

A 2008 study available on National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website mentions sneezing as an under-reported phenomenon induced by sexual ideation or orgasm. The research paper authored by an ENT specialist and a psychiatrist suggested that there may be a linkage between nasal refluxes and human genitals.

4. Natural painkillers, anyone?

Female orgasms are natural painkillers. A woman's pain tolerance may increase by 75 percent or more following an orgasm, says Another article by the Everyday Health website reveals that orgasm may relieve the pain of menstrual cramps.

5. Hold your breath, maybe not

If extreme orgasm can cause brain vessels to burst, attempting to hold breath during the act to increase arousal can cause accidental death too. Known as erotic asphyxiation, this practice dates back to the 17th century.

6. 8th century BC cure for madness? Orgasm

According to, around the 8th century B.C., Homer wrote about Melampus, an Argonaut healer in Greek mythology who treated religious virgins for a type of madness. He blamed their troubles on a lack of orgasms and encouraged sex with strong young men. The women were quickly cured.