It is not uncommon for policemen to respond to calls regarding trespassing or forced entry. However, two officers from the Fulshear Police Department in Texas recently responded to an unusual case of 'Criminal Trespass'—an alligator swimming in someone's hot tub.

On 30 July, the Fulshear Police Department shared on its social media handle the bodycam footage of one of the officers where they can be seen 'apprehending' the 'trespasser'.  The 53-second long clip was accompanied by a humorous post describing the encounter.

"Your officers recently received a call in regard to a Criminal Trespass in the Fulbrook on Fulshear Creek neighborhood. An unknown suspect had entered a homeowner's backyard and decided to go for a swim in their hot tub (not turned on)," the post read.

'Arresting  a Trespasser'

Narrating the 'arrest', the hilarious post said, "Officers Chavez and Landry quickly made the scene and observed the suspect swimming naked without regard to the owners wishes." In the video, the officers can be seen trying to nab the alligator with noose poles as she puts up a fight. As the lawmen 'faceoff' against the reptile, the laughter of the amused homeowners can be heard in the background.

One of the residents can be seen watching the events from the opposite end of the pool. After a brief struggle, the officers managed to finally 'remove' the baby alligator from the tub and 'restrain' her.  As the officer 'escorted' her to the police vehicle, he christened her 'Emma'. "The suspect resisted at first but was soon arrested and later released without further incident," concluded the witty account. 

Funny Bones Tickled

Alligator (Representational Picture)

The entertaining footage of the alligator's 'brush with the law' had netizens in splits. Not only has it gathered hundreds of likes, it has also been shared widely. With their funny bones tickled, Facebook users took to the comments section to express their amusement.

"I'm sorry but is no one going to mention that Emma was not read her rights? For shame FPD, for shame," wrote a user talking about the alligator not being read the Miranda rights as she was 'arrested'.

"You need to officially change your name from Fulshear PD to Fulshear Police and Alligator Wrangling Department," read another comment.  Making a cheeky reference to lockdown fatigue another user wrote: "Great job, it seems like the gators are coming out strong this year. I guess they are tired of staying home like the rest of us. Thank you for your service."