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African leaders address DR Congo issues at conference

African leaders attended a joint conference of the South African Development Community and the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region in South Africa Monday, addressing the issue of violence in the DR Congo. Duration: 01:09 Nov 5, 2013
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National Conference denies reports of supporting Modi in 2014 general elections

Srinagar, Nov 5 (ANI): Additional General Secretary Mustafa Kamal of National Conference (NC) in Jammu and Kashmir, on Tuesday denied reports that his party would be supporting Narendra Modi in the upcoming general elections. Dismissing the reports published by a local news agency, Kamal said that his party believed in strengthening secular politics. During the conference, Kamal said that there was a need for a secular dispensation to bring about peace and prosperity. Nov 5, 2013
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Narendra Modi is more popular than Rahul, there is no comparison: BJP

New Delhi, Nov 05 (ANI): BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain on Tuesday said that there is no comparison between Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi and BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. Talking to mediapersons in New Delhi he said that Rahul is nowhere close to their leader's popularity. He also said that the Congress is seeking a ban on opinion polls because it is worried as the people’s opinion is against them. Nov 5, 2013
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Indias Mars Mission: Mangalyaan lifts off

Sriharikota, Nov 05 (ANI): India’s first mission to Mars with its satellite, Mangalyaan successfully lifted-off on Tuesday from the balmy space port of Sriharikota in coastal Andhra Pradesh. Nov 5, 2013
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Destressss with an Indonesian snake massage

Adrenaline junkie spa-goers in Indonesia can now brave a 'snake massage', where the gentle hands of a masseuse are swapped for the cold, scaly skin of 2m long pythons. Duration: 01:30 Nov 5, 2013
intense-rivalry-between-dynastic-political-parties-raises-fears-of-aborted-polls-in-bangladesh Play

Intense rivalry between dynastic political parties raises fears of aborted polls in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Nov 05 (ANI): Barrister, Supreme Court of Bangladesh and prosecutor to the International Crimes Tribunals (ICT), Tureen Afroz, highlighted the mounting tension in the country with two main parties hurtling towards a showdown that could delay or even derail elections due by January in a country. Afroz while talking to the reporter in Dhaka city on Tuesday (November 05) said that there was no scope for a third party, which could bring in competition in the political scenario. Commenting over the debate on the caretaker government, Afroz said there was no chance for it as the elections draw nearer. Afroz said that BNP would lose support of the people if they continue to share a relationship with Jamaat. Nov 5, 2013
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Countdown of Indias Mars mission enters final phase

New Delhi/ Tirupathi, Nov 05 (ANI): With the successful launch of the country’s maiden Mars mission on Tuesday, Indian scientists aim to reach the red planet at a much lower cost than successful missions by United States, Europe and Russia, in a flight that could potentially position the emerging Asian nation as a budget player in the latest global space race. India is set to launch its Mars probe at 2:38 PM on Tuesday, according to the plan of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). The first Indian mission to Mars is aimed at developing the technologies required for design, planning, management and operations of an interplanetary mission. The Mars Orbiter Mission has ambitious science goals as well, including a search for methane in the Martian atmosphere. On Earth, the chemical is strongly tied to life. Nov 5, 2013
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Irom Sharmila's hunger strike enters its 14th year

New Delhi, Nov 05 (ANI): The "Iron Lady of Manipur" Irom Sharmila's hunger strike entered its 14th year on Tuesday. Irom has been on a hunger strike since November 04, 2000 in Manipur's capital Imphal, demanding the repeal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act or AFSPA in the state and other disturbed areas across the country. AFSPA gives troops in conflict areas the right to shoot to kill suspected rebels without fear of possible prosecution and to arrest suspected militants without a warrant. Sharmila's fast began 14years ago, a few days after 10 people were shot in the Malom town in Manipur's Imphal valley, allegedly by the Assam Rifles. The incident came to be known as the 'Malon Massacre.' Nov 5, 2013
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Naqvi slams Congress over seeking ban on opinion polls

New Delhi, Nov 05 (ANI): Strongly opposing the proposed restriction on opinion polls, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Tuesday criticized the Congress Party and said that the ruling party may seek a ban on political parties too. Nov 5, 2013
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Japanese firms promote business with social responsibility in Asia

Philippines/Indonesia, Nov 05 (ANI): Japanese credit card brand JCB issued the ?rst prepaid card in partnership with PVB Card Corporation and the City of Bacoor in Philippines. The card launched in collaboration with the government, functions as a citizen identification card in the country. JCB will promote this ID & Payment card to other major cities such as Manila and Makati in Philippines. JCB aims to expand its brand presence in Asia by promoting prepaid cards including debit cards, in order to create payment products that meet the various needs of business partners in each region. Nov 5, 2013