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South Africans mourn nation's hero

South Africa on Friday mourned its beloved Nelson Mandela, whose universal appeal was evident once again in a global outpouring of grief for the anti-apartheid hero. Durtion: 2:25 Dec 7, 2013
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South Africa president Zuma visits Mandela's family

President Jacob Zuma, along with a delegation of ANC politicians, convey their condolences to Nelson Mandela's family at his Johannesburg home. Crowds of ordinary South Africans gather outside the house to lay flowers and sing. Duration: 00:47 Dec 7, 2013
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S. Africa's Archbishop Tutu offers Mandela tribute

South Africa's archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu made an emotional tribute to his late friend Nelson Mandela Friday, describing him an a "incredible gift" to the nation, who transcended race and class. Duration: 01:22 Dec 7, 2013
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Young Romanian musicians struggle on low funding

The future of the Romanian arts scene is under threat with tough austerity measures in place in Europe's poorest country leaving young Romanian musicians having to leave the country in order to pursue their passion. Duration: 03:09 Dec 7, 2013

It happens: Buddhist Chanting Festival

Bodhgaya, Dec 6 (ANI): The International "Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony" began in Bodhgaya town of India's eastern Bihar state on December 2, as thousands of monks and devotees across the globe participate in it. The 10-day-long holy festival will conclude on December 12, which will be attended by senior monks and their followers from countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Sri-Lanka and Vietnam. Pilgrims arrived in their traditional costumes at one of the holiest Buddhist shrines, where Lord Buddha is believed to have attained enlightenment under a tree. As a part of the festivities, a monk lit up the ceremonial lamps before the recitation of the holy Buddhist scripture called 'Triptaka', which is a collection of Lord Buddha's sermons. Tripitaka, the Buddhist scripture, includes over 18,000 discourses and around 84,000 stories of Gautam Buddha. Monks from across the world gather each year at Bodhgaya, which is situated on the banks of Niranjana River and is a highly revered site for Buddhists. Dec 6, 2013

It happens: Sand Art Festival

Konark, Dec 6 (ANI): Famed sand sculptors across the globe came together for a cause, 'save water, save life' at the 3rd International Sand Art Festival at India's eastern coast of Konark. Sculptors assembled at the Chandrabhaga beach of Konark town in eastern Odisha state showcasing their extraordinary skills by creating sand art with a message. The Konark sand art festival attracted visitors across the world, an effort by the provincial government to boost the tourism industry of the province. An Indian sand art artist, Srimali said her theme was water, which is most essential for life. This year sand artistes from countries such as Canada, USA, Italy, Austria and Sri Lanka have participated. During the five-day sand art festival that kicked off on Sunday, showcases various environmental and social themes. People who enjoy gleam of sand thronged the festival in large numbers. Dec 6, 2013