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Ordinary Pakistanis want Sharif to accept Modi's invitation

Pakistan, May 22 (ANI): A large number of Pakistanis were pleasantly surprised by the fact that Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was on the guest list of leaders from the eight-member SAARC invited to attend the swearing in of Narendra Modi on May 26. Narendra Modi has invited the leaders of Pakistan and other neighbours to his inauguration as prime minister in a bold step to embark on a policy of regional engagement. It was not immediately clear if Sharif would accept, but analysts said the visit would be politically difficult. In the markets of capital Islamabad, however, many people said Sharif ought to attend the ceremony despite Modi's anti-Pakistan stance. If Sharif were to attend the planned ceremony in the forecourt of the presidential mansion, it would be a first in the history of both nations. May 22, 2014
pakistan-and-indian-traders-hold-talks-in-kashmir-to-resolve-issues-boost-business Play

Pakistan and Indian traders hold talks in Kashmir to resolve issues, boost business

Jammu and Kashmir, May 22 (ANI): Indian and Pakistani traders held a joint meeting to discuss and resolve their business related disputes in a bid to boost bilateral trade, after a gap of 14 months, near zero point in Jammu and Kashmir. Traders from Rawalkot in Pakistan and Poonch in India were joined by the president chamber of commerce Jammu and Kashmir and Deputy General of Trade and Travel POK area. The District police organized the meet to facilitate conversation and discussion between traders. The meet was organized after complaints pouring in about defaulters of the barter system. The heads from both the countries also listened to trade demands of the participants. May 22, 2014
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Police arrest militant in Kashmir with wife and children

Poonch, May 22 (ANI): Police in Jammu and Kashmir arrested a militant while he was returning from neighboring Pakistan along with his wife and eight children in Poonch district. The militant identified as Mukhtiyar Ahmad left India to go to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir area in 2001 and got trained militant outfit there. In 2003, he came to take back his wife Shamima Akhtar. After a gap of 11 years Ahmad was crossing into the country via Nepal border and at the tip of intelligence the police arrested him along with his wife and children. May 22, 2014
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Public 'overwhelmed' as 9/11 museum opens

New York's 9/11 museum opens to the general public and is praised by early visitors as an overwhelming and beautiful tribute to the survivors and nearly 3,000 victims. Duration: 00:46 May 22, 2014
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Italy calls on Europe for help with migration surge

Europe's border agency says 42,000 migrants have tried to enter the EU since January 1 - three times as many as last year. Most come through Italy, which has threatened to allow asylum-seekers to travel to other parts of Europe. Duration: 02:25 May 22, 2014
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FIFA launches 'Social World Cup' in Rio

FIFA secretary general Jérôme Valcke takes to the pitch with Brazilian great Ronaldo in a Rio de Janeiro favela to launch a project promoting sporting opportunities for disadvantaged youths during the World Cup. Duration: 01:35 May 22, 2014
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Radicals in red shake up S.Africa parliament opening

Radical new South African lawmakers shook up the normally staid opening of parliament Wednesday by turning up for the formal re-election of President Jacob Zuma in bright red overalls topped by red berets or hard hats. Duration: 00:42 May 22, 2014