londons-famed-gherkin-goes-on-sale-for-650-mln Play

London's famed 'Gherkin' goes on sale for 650 mln

London's "Gherkin" office tower, one of the landmarks on the British capital's skyline, went on sale for about £650 million ($1.1 billion, 820 million euros) on Tuesday after being placed into receivership. Duration: 00:36 Jul 30, 2014
jane-goodall-warns-great-apes-face-extinction Play

Jane Goodall warns great apes face extinction

The world's great apes face extinction within decades, renowned chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall warned Tuesday in a call to arms to ensure man's closest relatives are not wiped out. Duration: 00:58 Jul 30, 2014
india-and-bangladesh-border-guards-celebrate-eid-to-strengthen-bond-of-friendship Play

India and Bangladesh border guards celebrate Eid to strengthen bond of friendship

Siliguri, July 29 (ANI): Security forces of India and Bangladesh on Tuesday exchanged sweets on the festival of Eid-al-Fitr, marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan, to strengthen and enhance relations between the two neighbours. Keeping up the traditions, soldiers and officers greeted each other and celebrated Eid together near the border of Siliguri district of West Bengal. 18 Border Guard Bangladesh Director, Ariful Haque, who came to India to celebrate Eid with BSF, said he would ensure peace at the border. Jul 29, 2014
politicos-react-as-haryana-power-minister-capt-ajay-yadav-resigns Play

Politicos react as Haryana power minister Capt Ajay Yadav resigns

Chandigarh/ New Delhi, July 29 (ANI): Politicos on Tuesday reacted over Haryana Power Minister, Captain Ajay Yadav who resigned from his post earlier in the day. Yadav submitted his resignation to the Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda over alleged discrimination by the Hooda. However, he did not resign from the party. Jul 29, 2014
jharkhand-organises-air-show-to-mark-110th-birthday-of-indias-civil-aviation-founder-jrd-tata Play

Jharkhand organises air show to mark 110th birthday of India's civil aviation founder JRD Tata

Jamshedpur, July 29 (ANI): People in Jharkhand on Tuesday got an opportunity to have a closer look at aircrafts and helicopters at an exhibition, organised to mark the 110th birth anniversary of Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata, who founded the country's first commercial airline. The event, which was organized at Jamshedpur airport, had small aircrafts put on display. The crowd was delighted by the spectacular feat performed by the aircrafts and enjoyed every bit of the show. The crowd was delighted by the spectacular feat performed by the aircrafts and enjoyed every bit of the show. A demonstrator, Ashutosh, explained how the camera fitted aircrafts can be extremely beneficial to both the army and police. Jul 29, 2014
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Ailing and corrupt education sector in Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit Baltistan, July 29: Though corruption is rampant in almost every government department in Gilgit-Baltistan, the education sector is the worst affected. This pitiable department has been playing in the hands of some notorious government officials and political figures for more than a decade. Hundreds of thousands of teachers have been inducted illegally in this period, among those majority has either fake degrees or they are under/over-age to meet the government's criteria. Jul 29, 2014