switch-to-a-patriotic-t-shirt-in-moscows-streets Play

Switch to a patriotic t-shirt in Moscow_s streets

Young people in Moscow don TShirts as part of the ___Fashionable response ___ no to sanctions___ campaign, encouraging Russians to abandon clothes bearing foreign labels in favour of those promoting Russia. Duration: 00:55 Sep 25, 2014
expats-defend-paradise-in-hurricane-hit-mexico Play

Expats defend paradise in hurricane-hit Mexico

Armed with nothing more than an air horn and walkie-talkie, US and Canadian expats protect their piece of paradise from thieves after Hurricane Odile crushed Mexico_s Los Cabos beach resorts. Duration: 2:09 Sep 25, 2014
ukraine-peace-efforts-stall-despite-lull-in-fighting Play

Ukraine peace efforts stall despite lull in fighting

Ukrainian peace efforts stalled Wednesday after pro-Russian insurgents called their own elections in defiance of a deal under which they and the Ukrainian army began withdrawing heavy weapons after five months of war. Duration: 00:31 Sep 24, 2014
barack-obama-thanks-arab-partners-to-fight-against-islamic-militant-threats Play

Barack Obama thanks Arab partners to fight against Islamic militant threats

New Delhi, Sept 24 (ANI): US President Barack Obama met with leaders from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in New York City to continue building support for the coalition fighting Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. Obama vowed to continue the fight against Islamic State fighters following the first US-led airstrikes targeting the militant group in Syria, and pledged to build even more international support for the effort. Sep 24, 2014
politicos-hail-scs-verdict-on-coal-blocks Play

Politicos hail SCs verdict on coal blocks

New Delhi, Sept 24 (ANI): The Supreme Court on Wednesday cancelled all the coal block allocations which it had earlier declared illegal leaving 4 which entirely belong to the Central government. The court, which examined the allocation of 218 blocks in pre-auction era till 2010, had held that they were done in an illegal manner by an “ad-hoc and casual” approach “without application of mind”. Leaders from various political parties, including the BJP, have hailed the SC’s decision. Sep 24, 2014