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Not everything seems to be perfect and blissful in the Jenner-Scott kingdom. Kylie Jenner's relationship seems to be in trouble as her rapper beau Travis Scott was spotted with a lady friend at a New York recording studio.

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While this would seem an otherwise fairly innocent or chance meeting, Travis and his gal-pal made sure to check their surrounding repeatedly, as if in order to avoid being spotted. The 25-year-old rapper looked around as the duo entered the building.

Travis seemed to be quite relaxed as he walked in with the mysterious pink-haired woman on Friday after the two had spent some time in Soho. This definitely won't settle in well with Kylie fans as the rapper and supposed girlfriend Kylie Jenner, are rumoured to be expecting their first child together.

Ever since TMZ revealed the news of Kylie's pregnancy, rumours about the couple splitting due to pressures of impending parenthood have circulated social media. Even Kylie's ex, Tyga, has supposedly claimed that she and Travis wouldn't last long and demanded a DNA test post the birth of Kylie's baby.

And talking about problematic men in Kylie's life – current beau Travis, whose real name is Jaques Webster Jnr, kept it casual when it came to his outfit – a yellow North Face fleece along with distressed jeans, while his pretty lady rocked the minimalist 90's chic look in a black padded jacket and trainers.

Travis' New York presence was due to his performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, while Kylie happens to be back home in Los Angeles. Ever since the news of the 20-year-old makeup mogul's pregnancy has broken out, she has strayed away from public appearances.

Insiders close to Kylie revealed to Us Weekly that these days, "She's been resting a lot and keeping things low-key," They also added that "Kylie has been exhausted lately."

Could that be the reason why Travis is out and with another girl? While there have been no confirmations regarding the identity of the "pretty in pink", sources close to Travis and Kylie have confirmed that the two just spent time visiting Travis' hometown, Houston.

The two had gone out to get pizza and an onlooker told US Weekly that they "seemed to be in good spirits. They also added that Travis returned to retrieve Kylie's phone which she had forgotten inside the pizzeria before leaving.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner
Houston rapper Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner watch courtside during Game Five of the Western Conference Quarterfinals game of the 2017 NBA Playoffs at Toyota CenterBob Levey/Getty Images

While multiple rumours about Kylie being insecure about the pregnancy situation, and her differences with the baby-daddy over wedding plans have surfaced the internet, no official confirmation about the pregnancy arrived from either of them.

However, sources claim that throughout this, Travis has been by her side. "They're extremely sweet and very, very happy," shared another source with Us Weekly. "They're doting and kind with each other. It's cool to see."