petrol diesel prices

Petrol and diesel get dearer, retail prices rise by 25 p/l

A day after holding back a hike, the oil marketing companies (OMCs) on Tuesday increased the pump price of petrol and diesel across the country with global oil showing signs of firming amidst reports that Iranian oil may not hit the markets soon. May 25, 2021
China exploiting global social media platforms to influence foreign audience.

India fights social media biggies sans data protection law

The tussle between Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook and the Union government has reached its nadir, and the fact is that an absence of a stricter personal data protection law is forcing the concerned authorities to take routes like sending cops to closed Twitter offices in the pandemic or writing heaps of notices that have resulted in zero action to date, while social networking giants continue to take the country for a ride. May 25, 2021
social distancing

Two-metre social distancing not enough as Covid airborne

As coronavirus can travel up to 10 metres through the air, a social distance of two metres is insufficient. According to a health expert, double masks, hand hygiene, and regular cleaning of high contact points are required. May 25, 2021