Sam Allardyce: Entrapment has won on this occasion

Former England Manager Sam Allardcye spoke outside of his home in Bolton about the circumstances about his departure from the England job. Apologetically he explained that he made an error of judgment and wished the England team and new caretaker manager Gareth Southgate the best of luck. Sep 28, 2016

Sam Allardyce quits as England manager after newspaper sting

Sam Allardyce has lost his job as manager of the England football team after only 67 days in charge.His departure follows a sting by the Telegraph whose undercover reporters posing as businessmen he told how how to evade FA rules on player transfers.He also mocked his predecessor Roy Hodgson and allegedly struck a deal worth £400,000 to represent the reporters fake company and to be a keynote speaker at events. Sep 28, 2016