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Pierce Brosnan opens up about pain of losing loved ones

New Delhi, Feb 13 (ANI): Pierce Brosnan has revealed that he has a new perspective on fame and fortune since the death of his daughter. The 60-year-old Irish actor said that his inner strength has been tested over the years following the death of his first wife Cassandra Harris in 1991 after battling ovarian cancer and the loss of his adopted daughter Charlotte last year to the same illness but his faith has helped him cope with it. Feb 13, 2014
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Ranbir Kapoor Hides From The Media - Is Something Fishy?

Ranbir kapoor, who is a friendly guy and camera friendly by nature was spooted avoiding media people and he was found hiding his face from the phographers at filkmaker Karan Johar's dinner party of Feb 10th. It's strange that he had to avoid media when he was alone this time and he was not even accompaniede by his rumoured gf katrina kaif. Feb 13, 2014
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Veteran filmmaker Balu Mahendra passes away

The veteran Tamil film director and cinematographer, Balu Mahendra has died. A winner of five national awards, Balu Mahendra was born in Sri Lanka. He worked across film industries and has made movies in almost all South Indian languages. Feb 13, 2014