pilgrims-in-mexico-celebrate-virgin-de-guadalupe Play

Pilgrims in Mexico celebrate Virgin de Guadalupe

Millions of Mexicans descend on the Basilica de Guadalupe every year in the capital to pay their respects to the Holy Virgin. Many of the pilgrims arrive on their knees from all over the country, asking for mercy or favors. Duration: 1:08 Dec 13, 2013
daniel-radcliffe-says-was-laughing-while-filming-first-gay-sex-scene Play

Daniel Radcliffe says was laughing while filming first gay sex scene

New Delhi, Dec 12 (ANI): Daniel Radcliffe has admitted that he was laughing all the time during the shooting of his first gay sex scene with his male co-star Dane DeHaan in the film 'Kill Your Darlings'. The 24-year-old actor said that the sex scene was shot so quickly that he and DeHaan didn't get the time to get nervous. The 'Harry Potter' star added that it was a battle to stop himself from laughing, just because it was that sort of nervous laughter. Dec 12, 2013
lady-gaga-saves-fan-from-committing-suicide Play

Lady Gaga saves fan from committing suicide

New Delhi, Dec 12 (ANI): Lady Gaga saved a fan from committing suicide by getting in touch with the girl through her web community Littlemonsters.com after reading her post which suggested she was close to taking her own life. The 27-year-old singer sent a message to the fan writing that that they all loved her and nothing was worth taking her life. The 'Poker Face' hitmaker added that they were connected through music and that is powerful. Dec 12, 2013
shilpa-shetty-walks-the-ramp-for-designer-rohit-verma Play

Shilpa Shetty walks the ramp for designer Rohit Verma

Mumbai, Dec 12 (ANI): Bollywood diva, Shilpa Shetty sashayed down the runway for designer Rohit Verma in the entertainment capital, Mumbai recently. Designer Rohit Verma's collection showcased eclectic collection comprising of cocktail sarees, Gothic dresses, funky anarkalis, red carpet gowns. At the fashion extravaganza, Shilpa said that she never knew Rohit can design such amazing outfits. No second thought in this Shilpa!!! Dec 12, 2013
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Amitabh Bachchan at a public awareness program

Mumbai, Dec 12 (ANI): Megastar Amitabh Bachchan was recently seen attending a public awareness programme on Head Injury and Road Traffic Accident organized by Neurology Society of India in the showbiz capital Mumbai. At the event, Amitabh said that next time if he gets a chance to depict a song on 'Dosti', he will definitely wear helmet. Also, present at the event was Nita Ambani. Well.Big B, it's good to see an icon like you creating awareness about such an important issue!!! Dec 12, 2013
rannvijay-varun-and-kalki-launch-metro-shoe-campaign Play

Rannvijay, Varun and Kalki launch Metro Shoe Campaign

Mumbai, Dec 12 (ANI): Bollywood actors Kalki Koechlin, Varun Dhawan and T.V host Rannvijay Singh were spotted launching Metro Shoe Campaign in the showbiz capital Mumbai. On the occasion both Kalki and Rannvijay spoke about their shoe fettishness and revealed the number of shoes they have in their wardrobe.Now that’s quite a number guys! Dec 12, 2013
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A Filigree Treat for Spring Summer

Playing with her trademark which is 3D filigree embroidery, Rinku Sobti creates a refreshing spring summer collection for 2014. She clubs it with knotting, twisting and roping techniques to give the designs more detailing. Maxis, gowns, dresses, jump suits, tunics and jackets in hues of Mexican pinks, candy yellows and mint greens, remind us of [...] Dec 12, 2013
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Go the Quirk Way with Masaba

Masaba’s brand of fashion is about having fun, going quirk and of course being uniquely stylish; this time to the designer plays with the same elements. Her chandragupt print comes from a gunny bag, colours come from the need to dress fun and effortless and silhouette designs come from thought of making everyone look edgy [...] Dec 12, 2013
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Pack Up for the Holidays

Gauri and Nainika are inseparable from ruffles and gowns, but this time around the duo made an attempt to focus their talent with the needle and thread on a collection for a chic traveler. A mosaic of prints, solid colours and bold stripes add interesting elements to the jumpsuits, gowns, dresses and drapes.  Complementing the [...] Dec 12, 2013
sunny-leone-to-re-enter-house-of-bigg-boss-7 Play

Sunny Leone to re-enter house of 'Bigg Boss 7'

New Delhi, Dec 12 (ANI): Adult star turned Bollywood actress, Sunny Leone, who set the Bigg Boss house on fire during the 5th edition of the show, is set to re-visit the house once again this time. According to sources, "Sunny Leone will be entering the house to conduct a special task. Sunny will be on the show later this week and will conduct a dating task. All the male contestants will be asked to impress Sunny in a unique way," an entertainment website quoted as saying. Well, that sounds interesting. Dec 12, 2013
love-salman-for-promoting-dhoom-3-in-bigg-boss-aamir-khan Play

Love Salman for promoting 'Dhoom 3' in 'Bigg Boss': Aamir Khan

New Delhi, Dec 12 (ANI): Mr. Perfectionist of tinsel town, Aamir Khan says he loves Salman for promoting his film 'Dhoom 3' in 'Bigg Boss 7'. "I recently messaged Salman saying I am sending you my hat... please wear it at some event, it will help us but I didn't know he will wear it directly in 'Bigg Boss'... this shows his generosity. It's not his film, still he is helping us so much. I love Salman Khan for this," Aamir said. Such a sweet gesture from Salman's side right Aamir?? Dec 12, 2013
honored-african-sculptor-pays-homage-to-mandela Play

Honored African sculptor pays homage to Mandela

Senegal's Ousmane Sow, who sculpted Nelson Mandela as a goalkeeper extending his hand "to keep corrupt African heads of state at bay", was on Wednesday honoured in his adoptive France. Duration: 0:40 Dec 12, 2013