Multiple Grammy winning guitarist Steve Vai is celebrating the 25th anniversary of his classic album "Passion and Warfare" this year. Vai, who is currently on his Generation Axe USA tour, will start a special World tour with a concert at the World Guitar Festival in Quebec on May 28, 2016 to commemorate the album's anniversary.

The guitarist will also perform in England, Denmark, Germany, France, Norway, Switzerland and many other European nations during the tour. He has also confirmed that after the European leg, he will perform in North America and other countries. The schedule of those shows will be announced later.

One of the notable features of the tour is that Vai will be playing the entire "Passion and Warfare" album for the first time on live sets.  "Performing this record from top to bottom (with some very special surprises in the works) is something I've always dreamt of doing. There are songs here I've never performed before, and I'm delighted that 25 years after its release, I feel as though my guitar chops are as much up to the task as ever before (sic)," he said in a statement on his website

"Passion and Warfare," an album which gave us well-known songs such as "For The Love Of God" and "Blue Powder," will see a 25th anniversary remastered edition release this year. Apart from the original tracklist, this edition will feature four bonus tracks and an additional record "Modern Primitive" containing previously unreleased tracks that Vai had recorded after releasing his first solo album, "Flex-Able."

"'Modern Primitive' is by far my most adventurous recording to date, and I feel as though it's my most telling release," said Vai. The release date of the album reissue will be announced by Sony Music before the tour begins.

Concert tickets will be up for sale from April 22, 2016. Get yours here.