Isis: US says no sign Daesh has missing radioactive material

The US State Department said on 17 February it was aware of reports that radioactive material has gone missing from a storage facility near the southern Iraqi city of Basra but has seen no sign that Islamic State (Isis) or other militant groups have acquired it. Feb 19, 2016

Barack Obama hosts Black History Month at White House

US President Barack Obama greeted hundreds of guests in the East Room of the White House on 18 February to celebrate Black History Month, calling on individuals to honour African American history with an eye to guiding the future. Feb 19, 2016

Man is strangled unconscious by two thieves for £15,000 Rolex

The Metropolitan released CCTV footage on 18 February showing a pair of thieves putting a man into a chokehold position until he passes out, in order to steal his gold Rolex watch. The police said in a statement that the watch was a Gold Rolex Yacht Master worth £15,000 ($21,476) Feb 19, 2016