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Bangladesh PM adviser assures positive steps against cross-border militancy

New Delhi, Nov 05 (ANI): Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's adviser on Wednesday (November 05) said that both India and Bangladesh have been working to fight against terrorism which is prevalent at the porous Indo-Bangladesh border. Sheikh Hasina's adviser Gauhar Rizvi said that given the fact that Bangladesh and India share 2400 miles of common boundary and much of these boundaries are very porous. Therefore, it is very common for criminals, terrorists, smugglers cross-border flee from one country to another and take advantage to destabilise the establishment. He further said that Bangladesh has always been satisfied with the intelligence that has been shared by India with us and we consider them to be very helpful to us. Rizvi was commenting on the recent blast that took place in Burdwan district on India's eastern West Bengal. The explosions in a house on October 02 had left two suspected militants dead, while the city court had sent three accused to police custody. Later, two women were also arrested in connection with the blast on October 05. Indian team is expected to visit Dhaka this week for further investigation. Nov 5, 2014
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People of Delhi want AAP government again, says Kejriwal Part - 1

Kaushambi, Nov 5 (ANI): Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday said he was confident that the people of Delhi wanted his party to form the government again, and added that he plans to turn the city into one of the best destinations in the world. Speaking about his party's plans for the upcoming elections, Kejriwal vowed to turn Delhi into a world-class city. He further said that the 'dharnas'he did during his tenure as Chief Minister were projected negatively by the media. Nov 5, 2014
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Mayawati lashes out at incumbent UP government ahead of polls

Lucknow, Nov 05 (ANI): Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Chief Mayawati, on Wednesday (November 05) lashed out at the incumbent government of Uttar Pradesh for its dismal law and order situation and also sought imposition of President's rule in the state. Mayawati was speaking ahead of the Rajya Sabha (upper house of the parliament) polls for 10 seats, scheduled to be held in Uttar Pradesh on November 20. She also said the government of Samajwadi Party was introducing schemes only on paper to divert attention from its inadequacies. Mayawati also took on the Central government of ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), saying it is not paying attention to religious minorities and the poor. Nov 5, 2014
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New Delhi 4th Most Dangerous City In World For Women On Public Transport: Survey

New Delhi, 05 Nov (ANI) : New Delhi has been named the fourth most dangerous city in the world for women travelling on public transport according to a new survey.The survey was carried out by Thomson Reuters Foundation and focused on sexual harassment on public transportation systems in the world's largest cities.Women were required to answer six questions relating to their safety: how safe they felt travelling alone at night; the risk of being verbally harassed by men; the risk of being groped or subjected to other forms of physical harassment; trust that other passengers would assist a woman being physically or verbally abused; and trust in authorities to investigate reports of sexual harassment or violence. Nov 5, 2014
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India, Russia ink deals on trade and energy in New Delhi

New Delhi, Nov 05 (ANI): External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and Russia's deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, on Wednesday signed deals on economic, trade technology and culture cooperation in New Delhi as both the leaders co-chaired the 20th India-Russia inter-governmental meeting. The two leaders also chalked out plans for Russian President Vladimir Putin's Indian visit scheduled for next month for annual India - Russia summit. Meanwhile, Rogozin is also expected to meet India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi and National Security Adviser Ajit Doval. Nov 5, 2014
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Jewish extremists wait to enter Al-Aqsa mosque compound

Israeli police clashed with stone-throwing Palestinians inside Jerusalem's flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque compound on Wednesday after far-right Jewish groups announced plans to visit the site despite weeks of soaring tensions. Duration: 01:00 Nov 5, 2014
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Reactions flow on Pentagon report saying Pak doing proxy war against India

New Delhi, Nov 05 (ANI): The Pentagon Report submitted in the US states that Pakistan is using proxy wars to counter Indian Army has drawn reactions. Congress leader Rashid Alvi said that this is a well known fact that Pakistan cannot fight a direct war with India which is why it is using unfair means to counter the Army. BJP leader GVL Narasimha Rao said that Pakistan will lose the support of any other country if it continues to encourage militant activities in the country. Former Foreign Secretary of India Shyam Saran said that the report has not declared anything new. Meanwhile, Defence Expert Major General (Retd) SR Sinho said that the world has started to realize threats posed by Pakistan. Nov 5, 2014
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Pakistan Taliban threatens to target PM Modi, Reactions flow

New Delhi, Nov 05 (ANI): After claiming the responsibility of Wagah Border blasts in Pakistan, the terrorist group Pakistan Taliban has directly threatened Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Defence Expert Major General (Retd) SR Sinho said that this was a serious issue as Modi is the Prime Minister of India and he is facing threats because the world has realized that Modi will enhance the development of India. Meanwhile, BJP leader Sambit Patra said that the security services of the country will take concrete steps to prevent the eminent dignitaries from facing any threat. Nov 5, 2014
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Hot air balloon makes emergency landing in Ajmer

Ajmer, Nov 5 (ANI): A hot air balloon with pilot and two westerners on board made an emergency landing in a prison complex in Ajmer city of Rajasthan recently, prompting the alarmed authorities to launch an immediate inquiry. The balloon, one of the main attractions of the annual five-day Pushkar fair, being held nearly 15 kilometers from Ajmer, drifted away due to strong winds in the area, flew across hills and above the artificial Anna Sagar lake in Ajmer. The police said that when the pilot finally spotted an empty field, he made an emergency landing, unaware that the space was within the premises of a jail. The jail was then placed under high alert due to the breach of security. Singh said that investigations into the matter were on. The manager of the balloon company, Kapil Sharma, came out in support of the balloon operator, claiming that such landings were common in cases of emergency. Nov 5, 2014
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Transport minister Nitin Gadkari rules out demolition of Ram Sethu

Rameswaram, Nov 5 (ANI): Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has ruled out any possibility of demolishing the Ram Sethu between Indian coast and Sri Lanka for construction of Sethusamudram Shipping Channel Project in Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu. The $560-million project is intended to shave up to 36 hours off ship journeys between India's western and eastern coasts. The previous Congress party-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government had a plan to build a canal through a bridge-like stretch of sandbanks and rocks between the Indian coast and Sri Lanka a formation variously known as Adam's Bridge and Ram Sethu, or Ram's Bridge. Some Hindus opposed the project, believing the bridge was built millennia ago by Lord Ram and his army of monkeys, as described in the Ramayana, a revered ancient epic. The then government, in its defence, had stated that the structure was moulded by the ocean. However, Gadkari, while taking an aerial survey of the project, said that the bridge will not be demolished and the BJP-led government will consider alternative alignments for the construction of the project. Nov 5, 2014