American Airlines plane on fire at Chicago airport

At least 9 people are reported to have been injured after American Airlines Flight 383 bound for Miami erupted in flames at OHare International Airport on Friday (28 October) afternoon. Emergency inflatable slides were deployed and all 161 passengers and 9 crew members were able to evacuate the plane. Oct 29, 2016

Animals at Chester Zoo enjoy their pumpkin treats for Halloween

Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England, have given their animals some early Halloween treats so they can get into the spirit of the holiday. The zoos black jaguar, Goshi, preferred to play with his and lost it in the pool, but Bernie the Bear devoured his honey-coated pumpkin. Oct 28, 2016

Philippines: Duterte says God warned him off swearing

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has promised to stop swearing, saying that god threatened to bring his plane down during a flight from Japan if he did not. The controversial former mayor has told Obama to go to hell, called UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon a devil and said f**k you twice to the European Union, while raising his middle finger. Oct 28, 2016

Dakota pipline protesters show up at Hillary Clintons HQ

Protesters seeking to block the Dakota Access Pipeline entered Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clintons HQ in New York. Those against the pipeline say its construction encroaches on sacred Native American land and could harm the area’s water supply. Demonstrators at Clinton HQ held a ceremony and spoke out before attempting to deliver a letter to Clinton’s team condemning the pipeline. Oct 28, 2016