Mass prison break in Haiti sees 174 inmates freed

174 inmates escaped a Haitian prison after killing a guard.The prisoners also stole several firearms.Police and UN peacekeepers are working together to find the fugitives.They have set up checkpoints and detained several people.The prisoners do not wear uniforms which makes it easier for them to hide. Oct 23, 2016

Explosions rock city of Utsunomiya in Japan

Several explosions have rocked the Japanese city of Utsunomiya.One man was killed and three other people were injured.Two burned-out cars and a charred bench can be seen in a local media report.So far the cause of the explosions is unknown. Oct 23, 2016

Double decker bus crashes into railway bridge in Tottenham leaving 26 people injured

At least 21 were injured when a double decker buys crashed into a bridge in London.Fire crews rescued three people who were trapped on the top deck. The incident happened early on Saturday morning. The bus was privately owned and used for parties.A London Fire Brigade spokesperson said: Five passengers were taken to hospital by London Ambulance Service and 21 people were treated at the scene. The brigade was called at 4.05am and the incident was over at 5.44am. Oct 22, 2016