South Yorkshire Polices spoof John Lewis advert warns about Christmas burglaries

South Yorkshire Police released a warning to homeowners on 1 December, about the dangers of burglaries at Christmas. They created a video which spoofs the 2016 John Lewis Christmas advert where wild animals bounce on a trampoline. The video warns that if you leave your property unlocked and accessible this Christmas, it may not just be wild animals that sneak into your garden.” 3 days ago

Sextortion: Webcam blackmail cases have doubled, police say

The National Crime Agency have released a video showing how easy it is to be caught by blackmailers using ‘sextortion’; where criminals using fake identities befriend their victims, make them perform sexual acts on a webcam, then blackmail them for money. Sextortion has been linked to the suicides of four men last year. 5 days ago

Terrified truck drivers have window smashed in during unbelievable road rage attack

Two lorry drivers were left terrified after a truck driver climbed on top of their vehicle and smashed their front window in with a spade. Greater Manchester Police released the startling footage in an attempt to trace the man responsible for the attack. PC John Cavanagh said the attack was unbelievable and appealed for witnesses. 5 days ago