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Numerous reports of UFO sightings surfced in 2017, leaving everyone baffled. They even led to the formulation of various conspiracy theories.

These are the popular instances that received coverage from mainstream media:

ufo, ufo sighting,
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1. UFO sighting in Denver

An apparent UFO sighting took place in Denver earlier this year, thanks to footage captured by a metro-area man who preferred keeping his identity a secret. The man used his digital camera to capture the images and footage of the UFO from a hilltop in Federal Heights, Colorado. The UFO was spotted by the man around 1 pm a few times every week.

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The sighting left even aviation expert Steve Cowell mystified: He couldn't figure out what exactly the object was. The footage shows the object hovering in the skies over Denver at such a fast pace that it becomes impossible for naked eyes to spot it in real time: It can only be seen in a time-lapse video.

News channel CNN wanted to verify the authenticity of the video and this incident. It placed its own camera in the same region around noon and ended up capturing the mysterious object in the video.

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2. Strange things captured by trailer camera in Missouri's Jackson County

In another incident took place at Jackson County in US. The trail camera of the residence was installed to check deer roaming in the area. The footage shows a deer at 7:24 pm, a mysterious dim light appears out of nowhere at 7:29 pm and becomes more radiant at 7:35.

A weird shape appears on the camera at 7:53 pm and the brightness can be seen increasing. The reason behind the mysterious light remains unknown. The cameras do not emit any light as they are infrared.

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These strange happenings continue. A brighter light appears at 7:56 pm and a headlight-like structure appears in the middle of the air, seemingly observing the deer. What do you think about this eerie occurrence?

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3. Bizarre object spotted in Ohio skies

In this baffling instance, a mysterious object was seen in the skies in Dayton, Ohio. It gradually disappeared in the clouds.

Another footage of the same object was seen before. The ability of this object to disappear has left everyone amazed.

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4. UFO seen in the image snapped by an astronaut from the ISS

American astronaut Scott Kelly shared an image portraying the view from the International Space Station (ISS), which seems to portray a UFO on the upper right corner.

US space agency NASA made no comment on the mysterious anomaly seen in the picture.

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5. News channel reveals Roswell UFO document

A UFO document dating back to 1950 was released by the FBI. The memo spoke about three flying saucers and its alien passenger being seen by the people, including a policeman and even an Army guard in New Mexico, reports revealed.

As per the revelations made by the document, the UFOs were circular in shape and had a diameter of around 50 feet. Each saucer was said to be occupied by three humanoids that were just 3 feet tall and their attire was made up of metallic cloth.

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6. Strange fireballs observed in different countries

Numerous instances of strange fireballs seen streaking across the skies in various countries were reported in 2017.

While people were left baffled by them, NASA speculated that these could be meteors or space debris.

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6. UFO spotted in Chile?

Mine workers in Chile said they spotted a UFO hovering in the skies. They said this mysterious object was flying slowly at a low height in the region over an hour.

The object did not belong to the Chilean government or officials and even the aeronautical society revealed not knowing anything about the craft.

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7. Man followed by mysterious lights in Manitoba

A man from Brandon, Manitoba, said he was followed by strange shape-changing lights in the sky. He believes the lights were being emitted from a UFO.

The man chose not to reveal his identity and shot the footage of these eerie lights on his cellphone camera.


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