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If you think using of handbags by men and women is a modern thing, you might be wrong.

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An unusual finding has been made in ancient sculptures across the world which shows the sculptures of deities carrying a handbag-like structure.

The structures portraying a luggage being carried by the deities are crafted by Assyrians in modern-day Iraq and even depictions of a god race known as Annukia is made by the Sumerian civilisation which was located nearby.

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God Quetzalcoatl can be seen in one of the arts in ancient Mexico and even etchings have been found in Göbekli Tepe, a religious archaeological site in Turkey, where the structures can be seen holding similar bags.

The same mysterious phenomenon has been identified in other gods illustrated in different cultures, a website named Ancient Origins revealed.

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"Just as the ancient Sumerians depicted their deities in a humanoid form the Ancient Egyptians, and different cultures in the Americas did the same thing," the website stated.

"The obvious question here is why? Why did ancient cultures—separated thousands of kilometres from each other—depict their deities in a nearly identical way? Furthermore, how is it even possible that the Ancient Sumerians depicted their gods carrying a mysterious bag, and that people halfway across the world did the same thing?"

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It was speculated earlier this year that these bags carried evidence pointing towards time travelling or they were a piece of 'forgotten technology', reported.

mystery, handbag, sculptures,

The discussion regarding these mysterious bags triggered again after a YouTube channel called The Kepler Telescope Channel questioned the origin and secret behind the phenomenon.

"Agriculture is known to have started near the Mount Ararat, this is also where the Ark of Noah was said to have come to rest and where the survivors of the great flood started a post Cataclysmic Civilization that would spread out in every direction from this point and place," the YouTube channel stated.

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"Could these bags represent seeds that were preserved onboard the ark in some sort of vault, maybe they were distributed across the World as we repopulated the Globe after the Great Flood?" the YouTube channel added.


YouTube/ The Kepler Telescope Channel