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A doctor has apparently cured the mental health issues that a patient of his has been suffering from over a decade, all by prescribing her to have orgasms!

A patient, who has been identified by the pseudonym Penny Sullivan, was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 Disorder.

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She suffered from depression, anger and anxiety for years, her suffering was diagnosed after she was prescribed orgasms by her doctor.

"Manic depression has always been part of my make-up, I've battled with it since I can remember," Sullivan, a mother-of-three, as quoted by as saying.

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"Over the years I can now see that it manifested in different ways, like pulling my hair out as a kid, anorexia and bulimia throughout high school and my twenties and general anxiety in everyday life," she added.

She finally felt her problems were coming to an end and that too from an unexpected source.

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Her doctor asked her to quit drinking and to exercise. The doctor even prescribed her medicines and sex.

He advised her to have only as much sex as she could handle. She followed the doctor's advice and was surprised to find that the regular sex she was having with her husband was stabilising her condition and enhancing her mood.

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"We don't always have to have intercourse either, simply touching, cuddling or just fooling around and being connected can be just as great to get those feel goods," she said.

"It has definitely solidified our connection with each other, as after three kids it did get lost. It may be coincidental, but the intensity and the quality of our love life has improved 1,000 percent and we get a little kick out of the fact that by simply engaging in this act of love, that we are helping to keep the balance in my crazy brain. Happy wife, happy life, right?" she added.

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