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Masturbation has always been considered a healthy sexual activity, but a research reveals that it has a few side-effects as well. 

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When a person stimulates one's genitals for sexual pleasure, it is known as masturbation, and it is considered good for the healthy sexual development of an individual.

There can be various reasons why people self-stimulate -- sexual pleasure, stress release and just for fun.  

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Here are some side effects of masturbation:

1. Men who masturbate frequently could suffer from a condition known as edema, in which the penis swells slightly. It may take a couple of days for it to heal.

2. If people are too rough in the act, they often suffer from tender skin or chafing. It takes a few days for the scars to repair.

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3. Aggressive masturbation is likely to lead to reduction in sexual sensations.

4. Many researches have been carried out to establish a link between masturbation and prostate cancer. Earlier, it was concluded that men who masturbated more often were less at risk of developing the cancer.

But a 2008 story contradicted the previous conclusions, stating that men in their 20s and 30s who have had sexual activity very often and masturbated on a regular basis were at a greater risk of developing cancer. Further studies need to be carried out before coming up with a conclusion.

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5. Masturbating excessively can lead to negative impact on relationships, work and day-to-day activities.

Tip to improve sexual function:

  • To improve sexual arousal and overall sexual functions, both men and women can use a vibrator. Men using vibrator experienced improved erectile function, while women reported experiencing improved sexual function as well as lubrication.
  • If you feel your act of self-pleasuring is affecting your life adversely, consult a doctor or counsellor.