Pro-Assad Syrians celebrate in streets of Aleppo as government declares victory

Pro-government supporters took to the streets in Aleppo on 22 December as the Syrian army declared it had retaken the city. The last of the rebel fighters were evacuated from the city, handing President Bashar al-Assad his biggest victory in a nearly six-year war. The Syrian army announced in a statement on Thursday This victory constitutes an important turning point. Dec 23, 2016

Explosion reported in western Aleppo during Christmas celebrations

An explosion, the cause of which was unclear, was heard near a Christmas celebration in western Aleppo on 20 December. The footage shows the celebrations before the reported explosion. Evacuations from rebel-held areas of Aleppo are continuing as pro-government forces prepare to regain control of the city. Dec 21, 2016

Russian military video shows Aleppo evacuation route

Russias defence ministry has released a military video showing the humanitarian corridor for the evacuation of a rebel-held area of Aleppo. The drone video purports to show rebels and civilians being transported out of the eastern part of the city on 20 buses and 10 ambulances. Syria has guaranteed their safety. The evacuation was due to take place yesterday, but was postponed after a truce brokered by Syrian ally Russia and rebel ally Turkey broke down. The evacuation of the city will end years of fighting and mark a major victory for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Dec 15, 2016

Orphan children trapped in Aleppo plead to leave

In a video posted by pro-opposition Syrian TV channel, Halab Today TV, a group of children from inside Aleppo plead for their lives and describe the terrifying barrage of airstrikes they are enduring. A 10-year-old girl called Yasmeen Farmouz speaks on behalf of the group of youngsters, and asked people all over the world to help them evacuate from their city, which is currently under heavy bombardment from the Syrian government forces, supported by Russia war planes and Iranian militia groups. The video was released after reports that the evacuation efforts for civilians has been delayed again. The United Nations said the bombardment of the city could amount to war crimes. Dec 15, 2016