Pope Francis


Pope rushes to help police officer thrown from horse during parade

Pope Francis rushed to the aid of a policewoman who was thrown form her horse during his parade through the city of Iquique, Chile, on January 18.These videos taken by eyewitness Isadora Ortiz Morale show the moment the police officer was thrown to the ground, before the Pope left his Popemobile to join officers assisting her. Jan 19, 2018

Pope Francis tells mothers they can breastfeed in the Sistine Chapel

During a long baptism in the Sistine Chapel on Sunday (January 7) Pope Francis told mothers to feel free to breastfeed there crying children if they were hungry. Women still face harassment for breastfeeding in public in some countries even though attitudes are changing. The pope has made similar comments in past ceremonies. Jan 7, 2018

Rohingya refugees are living in dire conditions in Bangladesh

Rohingya refugees are living in dire conditions in refugee camps in Coxs Bazaar in Bangladesh.Children are risk of infectious disease as they play amongst open drains, dirty water and filth.Myanmar and Bangladesh have signed a deal on the repatriation of the Rohingya refugees although details have not been finalised. Nov 29, 2017

Pope Francis suffers black eye on Colombia trip

Pope Francis was left with a black eye when the Popemobile suddenly stopped whilst travelling through a crowd in Cartegena, Colombia.The Pope continued on his five day trip of Colombia despite the incident.The Vatican confirmed he was fine. Sep 11, 2017

Pro-Isis militants destroy church in Marawi, Philippines

Militants in Marawi, Philippines, released a propaganda video showing them destroy a church. The Pro-Isis fighters knocked over statues and tore up photos of Pope Francis and Pope Benedict. In other parts of the video, a narrator condemned the Filipino government for working with the US and their regional guard dog Australia in the fight against the militants. Fighters from the Maute group seized control of Marawi in May. Over 400,000 people have been displaced in the violent fight between military and the militants. Aug 26, 2017

Donald Trump meets with Pope Francis in the Vatican

Pope Francis met with U.S. President Donald Trump at the Vatican on Wednesday (May 24), speaking in private before exchanging gifts. The meeting comes a year after the pope and Donald Trump exchanged unfriendly words over Trumps pledge to build a wall on the Mexican border. May 24, 2017