Armed Little Caesars Employee Shoots Dead Attacker Wearing Scary Clown Mask

A n employee at a Little Caesars pizza restaurant in Holly Hill, Florida, shot dead an attacker in a clown mask who tried to stab him with scissors after hitting him with a wood and amp;nbsp;post. and amp;nbsp; CCTV footage captured the man walking to the store, wearing the mask and carrying the wooden post in one hand. Then the second camera shows the employee closing up the store and walking out the door when he is suddenly attacked by the suspect. The pizza store worker was hospitalized for face and shoulder injuries according to police. May 29, 2018

Subtropical Storm Alberto Causes Mini-waterspout In Hotel Pool

Strong winds from Subtropical Storm Alberto whipped up a mini-waterspout in a Panama City Beach hotel pool as the storm made landfall in Florida on May 28. The National Weather Service issued an alert warning that heavy rains could cause flash flooding across the western Florida panhandle and much of southwest and south-central Alabama. May 29, 2018

Satellite Video Shows Possible Tropical Storm Brewing In Gulf Of Mexico

Satellite images shows a possible tropical storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. According to the National Hurricane Center, and amp;nbsp;the chances of Florida being hit by its first tropical storm of the season are increasingly likely during and amp;nbsp;the next few days. Audio: Drag Me To Hell by Bobby Cole May 14, 2018

Dying 8-year-old girl meets koala, fulfils her lifelong dream

Katie Higginbotham was diagnosed with pilocytic astrocytoma in October 2016 and has been going through numerous chemotherapy and radiation sessions. Doctors said that she has less than a year to live as her cancer is way more aggressive than they originally thought. Apr 26, 2018

Woman pays over $400 water bill in pennies

A Deltona resident paid her water bill in pennies in protest at how expensive it was.She broadcast her trip to Deltona Water Department on Monday on Facebook Live, where she handed over $493 in pennies. Feb 27, 2018

Hundreds of Florida students stage walkout in protest at gun laws

Hundreds of students marched from West Boca Raton Community High School to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where 17 students and teachers were killed in a mass shooting on Valentine and amp;#39;s Day.They were calling for new gun control laws.The Republican-controlled Florida House of Representatives rejected a motion to bring up a bill to block sales of assault-style rifles in the state on the same day. Feb 21, 2018