Doctor Jarrett
Doctor Jarrett

If there is anything that shows you the value of life, it is surviving a plane accident; and on December 20th 1995, Jarrett Schanzer did just that. He was on board a flight at JFK airport that veered off a snow capped runway during takeoff. Despite many injuries onboard, miraculously everyone survived, but it was nonetheless a horrific experience. Jarrett was nine years old.

He remembers this as an early turning point toward his eventually becoming "Doctor Jarrett." In 2018, the New Jersey native relocated to Miami, Florida to become an attending anesthesiologist. Along the way he has garnered numerous commendations: several academic honor societies in graduate and undergrad, a Paul Ambrose scholar and Betty Ford scholar trained in addictive diseases, and many more. A glance at his resumé reflects how Dr. Schanzer's passion for human health has led him to achieve a great deal.

With a degree from the Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine, Schanzer has also gained recognition as an Instagram influencer, with an emphasis on getting people to take their full, holistic health seriously. What's more, he wants them to find the joy in it.

"Osteopathic physicians incorporate traditional allopathic medicine in addition to osteopathic manipulative medicine, a type of 'alternative medicine,'" says Dr. Schanzer. "It is a field that not everyone sees the value in. But the emphasis on the musculoskeletal and lymphatic system and finding health through exploration of how all our organ systems are interrelated is undeniably better than either approach alone; these are all good reasons to see value in it."

Practitioners of osteopathic medicine see the non-physiologic tension in muscles, ligaments, soft tissue and joints that are created over long periods of time from poor daily biomechanics, and restrictions in circulatory/lymphatic flow as contributing factors in impaired mobility, injury and other related ailments. Care from Doctors of Osteopathy, coupled with basic lifestyle changes including attention to nutrition and exercise, along with attention to how well our body organ systems are functioning, can do wonders for people's health, energy, mood, and physical strength.

To Dr. Jarrett, the value of this is self-evident. "It is very clear that people's quality of life is improved by incorporating a multifaceted approach including many of these types of practices. Not feeling often exhausted and weak, but rather alive and energetic is what makes life worth it."

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