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Everyone likes a great physique and there are many who are striving hard to attain that ideal figure by working hard to sweat it out and trying everything that's available to get rid of unwanted pounds.

Losing weight is a tough thing to do for anybody, but did you know that including these five drinks in your menu can help you do it easily!

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weight loss, health,

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Here are 5 drinks you need to know about that can help you shed weight:

1. Black coffee:

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Black coffee is known to deplete your fat at a quicker pace. It boosts your metabolism and aids in churning calories even if you are at rest because of the caffeine. Its advised not to consume coffee with an empty stomach as it can affect your metabolism rate adversely.

2. Water:

Drinking water
A research found drinking excess water is injurious to health and can cause water intoxicationReuters

Drinking water aids you in shedding weight. Have a glass of hot water in the morning as it helps in having a normal bowel movement. Adding a splash of lime juice would be even better in clearing your stomach and flushing out toxins. Drinking water is crucial for hydrating your body.

3. Green tea:

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Green tea aids your immunity and also helps in losing weight, consuming two cups of this wonderful drink helps in shedding weight and also in controlling the glucose present in your body, while providing you with antioxidants in abudance.

4. Skimmed milk:

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This is a great source of vitamin D, it provides you with vitamins and minerals like calcium, potassium, zinc and phosphorous in abundance. It enhances your health while providing you with minimal calories.

5. Vegetable juice and soups:

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Consuming vegetable soups and juice are great for your health. They keep you filled while providing you with nutrients in abundance along with lesser calories! Just add a minimal amount of salt to avoid any other health issues like high blood pressure etc.