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Studies have found that combinations like bananas and milk are not as healthy as we expected it to be.

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Both milk and bananas are very nutritious but according to experts having them together can result in congestion of our sinus and digestive system, allergies like rashes and even cough and cold.

"Ayurveda advises against consuming fruits with dairy as it could diminish digestive fire, alter the intestinal flora, produce toxins and lead to sinus congestion, cold, cough and allergies," said Huda Shaikh, Nutritionist and Clinical Dietitian at NutriBond, as quoted by The Quint.

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Milk comprises of nutrients ranging from calcium, vitamin B12 and minerals, but it lacks vitamin C and fibre. Bananas, on the other hand, contain potassium, biotin, fibre and vitamin C. Though the combination of the two may appear like a wholesome meal, it ends up disturbing our digestive system.

Consuming this combo can also result in loose motions and vomiting, according to studies.

Ayurveda says consuming a solid food with liquid is not a good thing. It also impacts our brain negatively by slowing down its functioning and even causes heaviness, as reported by TOI.

It is advised to consume banana and milk separately after a gap of at least 20 minutes.